A Band With Pride

A Band With Pride

Sam Morrison is obviously very pleased and comfortable with the fact that his music has such an appeal to bikers. It's such a nice little corner of society to be in.

"We've played the BAD Ride, the Las Vegas BikeFest, the Redwood Run, the Klamath River Klassic," says Sam, "and we've played for events at Pomona Valley Harley-Davidson."

Along with the big events, it just takes a quick look at the calendar of the Sam Morrison Band to see that they're also at home in the atmosphere of old-school bars like Fitz's and the legendary Swallows Inn in San Juan Capistrano.

"We've opened for bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd and .38 Special," adds Sam, "And next March we have a tour of Florida planned."

They have also shared the stage with Edgar Winter and Grand Funk's Mark Farner.

All of their work, all of their energy, is packed into their self-titled CD, "Sam Morrison Band." And tethered to all of that work and energy is a brand of music that has a natural biker appeal...music that rolls along roads that are traditionally loved in this lifestyle...heavy paths that go through the heart of Southern rock, spiced up with a double shot of West Coast rockin' blues. This is timeless stuff... this is good stuff... it's the kind of stuff that just never gets old.

The first cut, "I gotta ride,' sets the tone. This is biker music. "wind in my face, Blowin' down the highway, Big twin thumpin' louder than my heart..."

The second cut, "Kinda like love, " brings in another aspect of this lifestyle... the tender, loving side that we all have that sensitively reflects some societal experiences that most of us have occasionally wandered into in our journey down the path of life.

"It's not a long way from the dance floor/to the dark of the parking lot,/It's kinda like love,/but it's not..."
Yeah, I know, there's not a dry eye in the house. But seriously, folks...

Sam is also proud of the fact that the members of his band ave remained together for so long. "we've had the same members for four years now," says Sam, an important reason that they sound so tight. It's like riding with longtime brothers and friends. There is no better feeling than working and playing with those who are closest to you.

There are only two cuts on the disc that aren't Sam's originals; one is an almost reverential remake of the Marshall Tucker classic, "Can't You See." There is a lot of love and respect in this mix. It's more than apparent that Sam and his band appreciate the legend of the late Caldwell brothers and what the Marshall Tucker Band did in laying the foundation of Southern rock.

But the final tune on the disc is an even greater example of love and respect: the appreciation that Sam has for this country and its fighting forces.

"We wrote 'Peacekeepers' after the band did a tour of overseas military bases. 'Peacekeepers' was a tribute to all the military, especially those who were fighting in Bosnia at the time."

With the recent commemoration of the third anniversary of 9/11 still fresh in our minds, the words to Sam's tune indeed provide some universal American pride.

Peacekeepers... in a world that's gone to hell/Fightin' for our freedom/ Knowin' only time will tell/ Peacekeepers...Standin' proud, standin' strong/This nation's unsung heroes/We're here to sing your song
One last cool touch in this CD is that it comes with a temporary tattoo of the band's logo. Who know's? If you become a serious fan of Sam and his music. you might want to get it filled in with some real ink!

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